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Ace Perma-Glaze Liquid Granite

FAST Multi-Surface Restoration

Homes, Apartments, & Businesses

Ace Perma-Glaze Liquid Granite
Be Your Own Boss


  Make Your Own Schedule  

Ace Perma-Glaze


Easy Solid Or Stone Finishes

Own your own Perma-Glaze license!

Want a profitable way to become an entrepreneur while avoiding the common pitfalls of small business startups? Researching local franchise opportunities? Step into the satisfying world of entrepreneurship today.
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38+ Years Experience

Business + Technical Training

Always In High Demand

Join our international franchise and licensing system with time-tested processes and knowledge. For over 38 years Perma-Glaze has built a solid reputation within the licensing industry.

The Perma-Glaze® franchise program provides you with all the benefits of having your own business. With our low-cost franchises and licensing opportunities, you’re the boss, making all the decisions… yet you have the right to use the internationally respected Perma-Glaze® name and have access to our continuing support and guidance. Call  800-332-7397

Perma-Glaze finishes can be satin, matte or glossy and are available in any color.

Perma-Glaze restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 4-5 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement or remodeling cost! Only a high-gloss vitreous finish like Perma-Glaze can be regularly disinfected and sanitized, yet remain stain-resistant, safe and appealing.

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Since 1978, Perma-Glaze Multi-Surface Restoration has served as the oldest and most established Refinishing Contractor in Southern Arizona. Join us!

As you know, there are several advantages to being self-employed: setting your own hours, controlling your own profit margin, deciding for yourself whether to work alone or hire employees. There are additional benefits specific to the Perma-Glaze® business opportunity:

  • Since most work is done on the customer’s premises and you require no walk-in trade, you can easily operate from your own home. All you need is your telephone, kitchen table and a cool, dry place to store your materials.
  • All the equipment you need for a job can fit into the trunk of a car. We do, however, recommend a van or truck. (Of course, the portion of your home and vehicle expenses used for business may be taken as a tax deduction.)
  • Perma-Glaze® is a cash business. You normally get paid at the completion of each job.

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Recent Perma-Glaze Projects

With over 38 years, Perma-Glaze is one of the oldest names in the refinishing industry!