The Perma-Glaze® franchise or licensing program provides you with all the benefits of having your own business.

You’re the boss, making all the decisions, yet you have the right to use the internationally respected Perma-Glaze® name and have access to our continuing support and guidance.

Become a Licensee and receive:

*  National Brand Recognition

*  Product Discounts

*  National Website with a business locator for local job referrals

*  Personal Website designed to promote your location

*  Professionally Created Artwork and Advertisements, including brochures, signage, radio and TV commercials

*  Trade Mark logo and slogan: “Don’t Replace it—Perma-Glaze it!”

*  Social media such as, but not limited to; Facebook, Google, and Angie’s List

*  Press Release(s) For New Licensees: designed to inform the public and media of the cost-effectiveness of Perma Glaze as a remodeling alternative

*  Conferences with CJ, President of CJ Heileman & Associates, (a 25-year-old Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Firm) to discuss localized marketing strategies and/or media buys

*  Service Representatives for Kohler, American Standard, Aqua Glass, Jacuzzi and more


With Perma-Glaze – gain over 38 years of recognition immediately and Pay NO Royalty Fees!

As you know, there are several advantages to being self-employed: setting your own hours, controlling your own profit margin, deciding for yourself whether to work alone or hire employees. There are additional benefits specific to the Perma-Glaze® franchisee:

  • Since most work is done on the customer’s premises and you require no walk-in trade, you can easily operate from your own home. All you need is your telephone, kitchen table and a cool, dry place to store your materials.
  • All the equipment you need for a job can fit into the trunk of a car. We do, however, recommend a van or truck. (Of course, the portion of your home and vehicle expenses used for business may be taken as a tax deduction.)
  • Perma-Glaze® is a cash business. You normally get paid at the completion of each job.

Unlike most new businesses, however, you’re not alone in your new venture. Once you become a Perma-Glaze licensee, you become part of the Permaglaze family.

The TurnKey program and your connection with Perma-Glaze®, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona will provide you with many significant advantages.