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Is there a market for this product?


Absolutely! Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling is a 340 Billion Dollar Industry!

The market is continually expanding as more and more homeowners, apartments, commercial properties, and institutions: hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools Military bases, boat interiors, RVs and more, discover the merits of refinishing and the tremendous savings when compared to replacement.

Whether it be a solid color or our new stone finish, Perma-Glaze saves customers $1000s of dollars!

Perma-Glaze® sanitary and stain-resistant coatings are ideal for:

• Operating Rooms • Clinics • Scrub Rooms • Dental Facilities • Corridors • Nurseries • Ward Rooms • Recovery Rooms • Laboratories • Intensive Care Wards • Food Service Areas • Veterinarian Facilities

Perma-Glaze® tough coatings are ideal for:

• Gymnasiums • Auditoriums • Locker Rooms • Lunchrooms • Bathrooms • Shower Areas • Factories • Corridors • Food Service Areas • Classrooms • Laboratories • Lobbies • High Traffic Floors • Offices • Machinery • Equipment

Easy-to-clean, stain-resistant Perma-Glaze® coatings provide sanitary, long-lasting beauty for:

• Restaurants • Meat Lockers • Bakeries • Catering Equipment • Cafeterias • Breweries • Supermarkets • Ship Galleys • Food-Processing Plants • Food-Handling Equipment

Perma-Glaze® finishes maintain their gloss, color, and beauty in high-traffic areas – boosting customers’ image and keeping long-range maintenance costs low for:

• Offices • Animal Hospitals • Stores • Hotels and Motels • Churches • Laundries • Dry Cleaners • Restaurants • Beauty Salons • Gas Stations • Printing Plants • Military Posts
• Photo Labs • Airports • Terminals • Amusement Parks • Theaters

The long-lasting, freshly painted appearance of chip-resistant Perma-Glaze® coatings is a distinct benefit for:

• Trucks and Vans • Buses • Aircraft • Locomotives • Boats and Barges • Freight Cars • Hoppers • Tank Cars

Wide Variety of Surfaces
and Miscellaneous Items

Perma-Glaze® beautiful, low-maintenance finishes have been used successfully on:

• Trash Bins • Fiberglass • Water Slides • Tables • Pre-Finished Wood • Furniture
• Wood Cabinets • Aluminum Windows • Formica Counters • Toys • Appliances • Patio Furniture • Play Gyms • Outbuildings • Siding • Ceilings • Floors • Fascias • Interior Panels • Curtain Walls • Bathroom Stalls • Gable Ends • Soffits • Doors
• Metal Awnings • Cabinets • Plywood • Particle Board • Hardboard • Wood Sidings
• Rigid Vinyl Plastics • Plastic Laminates • Synthetic Fiberboard Siding • Decorative Paper Overlays • Shakes (Cedar, Cement, Asbestos) • Wrought Iron Railings And the list goes on…

Remember, every Remodeling Job is an additional potential profit center!

Ace Perma-Glaze Multi-Surface Restoration

Put yourself in the place of someone debating whether to replace or refinish bathroom or kitchen fixtures or countertops, acrylic vanities, cultured marble, Corian counters,  shower/bath surrounds and more:

  • Replacing countertops with granite or marble is usually cost prohibitive
  • Replacement fixtures are almost invariably of lesser quality than the original
  • Replacing a fixture (for example, a bathtub) can take several days or even weeks during which time the occupants are unable to use the facility. Perma-Glaze® refinishing is completed in a matter of hours, with an additional curing time of 24-48 hours
  • Replacement (i.e. bathtubs) requires many tedious and destructive chores: 
    • breaking and removing ceramic wall tile that surrounds the tub
    • gouging out drywall and cutting through 2X4 studding
    • chiseling, breaking and disposing of floor tile……all before the tub can be removed prior to replacement.
  • This is dangerous (cast iron tubs weigh up to 300 pounds), messy, noisy and expensive work, usually requiring the services of a carpenter, plumber and tile setter.  Perma-Glaze® refinishing requires only the services of one skilled technician.
  • Removal and replacement are expensive! The cost of Perma-Glaze® refinishing is a fraction of the cost (about 15 to 30 percent)
tub replacement