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Never Pay Royalties!

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Get a Ready-to-Use
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Perma Glaze Products

With Our Unique, High Profit, Low Overhead Home Based Essential Service Business Licensing or Franchise Opportunity

40 year Internationally Respected Company— Dominant SEO Presence

Part Time, Full Time or a Wonderful Addition to Existing Service Businesses

Our PermaGlaze Opportunity offers unlimited earning potential in a Good or Bad Economy

Become a Perma Glaze® Licensee for a Fraction of a Franchise Fee, Minimal Licensing Cost, Never Pay Royalties WITH THIS FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY!

PermaGlaze is a multi-surface restoration process that eliminates the need to rip and tear out bath and kitchen fixtures and surfaces, avoiding costly remodeling. From Kohler White to beautiful designer colors to stone finishes; PermaGlaze offers it all!

PermaGlaze adds up to 4 mils forming a new surface that encapsulates old grout lines, joints, cracks for the ultimate Hygienic Solution! Now available with Antimicrobial & Antibacterial additives for added protection!

Plus our Walk-Thru Tub Solution provides BUDGET conversion for accessibility and safety.

PermaGlaze is a family owned business based in Tucson, Arizona. After perfecting the PermaGlaze process in 1978, the founder, Dale Young, set off to franchise his proprietary system throughout the US.

NOW, for the very 1st time a simple licensing program is being offered.

Why License?

Low start up and operating costs

Exclusive use of patented products

Turn key business-
easy to start

Unlimited income earning potential

Why Perma Glaze?

Top Ranking on Google: Long standing domain authority and SEO trustworthiness

Brand Recognition: International and National- we’ve been featured in 100s of news articles and publications

FREE Local Website: Perma Glaze branded website to enhance credibility and create local visibility

Exclusive Pricing: Simple and easy methods of purchasing Perma Glaze products

Marketing: Ready-to-use logo, professionally designed artwork, advertisements, educational materials, and signage available

Training: Product knowledge, business acumen, and most importantly the Perma Glaze process

Market Demand: More than ever before people are viewing us as an essential service in their bath and kitchen areas!

Authorized Agent: For Kohler, American Standard, Aqua Glass, Jacuzzi, and other

Profitability: With low startup costs and ability to manage overhead, you can start earning income quickly

About Perma Glaze Products

Perma Glaze is a synthetic porcelain created from a proprietary blend of polymer resins. It’s a cost effective refinishing system that’s permanent, hygienic, non-porous and can be applied on ANY existing surface: bathtubs, showers, sinks, cabinets, appliances, countertops, ceramic tile, porcelain, metal, fiberglasses, Formica®, cultured marble and more. Finishes can be matte, satin or gloss and are available in many colors, solid or stone finishes.

In just a few hours, the Perma Glaze system of polymer resins restores worn and damaged surfaces to a New Luster at a fraction of replacement cost!

Refinishing is not only environmentally friendly and quicker than replacing and homeowners typically save between 70-85% of replacement costs.

You can be your own boss with the freedom to run a business your way in an industry of growth, while also having a good support system with a quality product!

Are you ready to be your own boss? Call now to set up a virtual meeting for more information!


    Are you ready to be your own boss? Call now to set up a virtual meeting for more information!



    # of Bathtubs Completed Weekly Income Yearly Income
    1 tub/week $300 $15,000
    2 tubs/week $600 $30,000
    3 tubs/week $900 $45,000
    1 tub/day $1,500 $75,000
    2 tubs/day $3,000 $150,000
    3 tubs/day $4,500 $225,000
    Before Perma-Glaze
    After Perma-Glaze
    Before Perma-Glaze
    After Perma-Glaze