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Fabulous Fixture Refinishing

Fixture refinishing is for both cosmetic and hygienic reasons.


When any kind of surface becomes worn down, broken, or cracked allowing stains to appear, it has become pitted or porous. This is how dirt and germs deposit themselves into the surface where they take hold and begin to build up.

With the Perma-Glaze process, the old, worn, unsightly surface is cleaned and chemically etched. Any chips, scratches or structural discrepancies are leveled and sanded smooth. Then, several layers of the exclusive Perma-Glaze synthetic porcelain are applied to the surface, creating a strong, durable, lustrous finish that makes your fixture refinishing fully guaranteed.

Only a high-gloss vitreous finish like Perma-Glaze can be regularly disinfected and sanitized, yet remain stain-resistant, safe and appealing.

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You’ll have the ability to completely avoid tedious as well as destructive chores when you do your resurfacing with Perma-Glaze. Breaking and removing wall tile and gouging drywall as well as cutting through 2 x 4 framing can be totally eliminated. This messy, loud, and expensive work, which usually requires the services of carpenters, plumbers, and tile setters are no longer needed with Perma-Glaze’s on-site refinishing/restoration process. Perma-Glaze eliminates all of these inconveniences. Finishes can be matte or glossy and are available in any color. Perma-Glaze® restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 3-4 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement cost!
These before and after photos show the incredible results you can achieve resurfacing and refinishing your bathroom or kitchen with Perma-Glaze, or you can view our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.